Awakened to Life

Awakened to Life 

Eve is a bold supporter of the rights of unborn children. She prays that God will awaken the Church and pour out a spirit of adoption, but she’s never had an opportunity to live out these prayers. One summer morning outside an abortion clinic, she is given a chance.

Lisa is pregnant, trapped by fear and past tragedy. She plans to abort her baby—until she encounters Eve. Eve offers the unthinkable: she will adopt Lisa’s unborn baby in addition to raising her own unborn son. “Have your baby,” Eve pleads. “I promise you, I’ll find a way to take her into my home. Let her live.”

Awakened to Life is a powerful story of redemption, forgiveness, and restoration. It calls the Church to awaken fully to the issue of abortion and to act on behalf of the defenseless and voiceless. From prayer to adoption to offering forgiveness and healing, this novel challenges believers everywhere to take a stand for life.

In Mercy's Song, Sarah Hanks moves seamlessly between past and present from a modern-day prison cell to the shackles of slavery in pre-Civil War America. She takes you into the hearts of her characters as they struggle with love, loss, and forgiveness. We ache alongside DeAndre, Mercy, and Natassa as they choose to do what is right at great personal cost, and we see God at work in their lives, carrying them through the storms.

Sherry Shindelar, Author

Sarah Hanks takes readers on a powerful journey of mercy, forgiveness, and love in action through the thought-provoking and heart-breaking stories of her characters. I could not read it fast enough and found myself thinking about it long after I'd finished.

Jamie Ogle, Author

The stories of Natassa and DeAndre are beautifully intertwined with a past that informs not only their lives, but the roots of our nation. A timely book, written by Sarah Hanks’ talented hand, is an excellent choice for your next book group.

kristine delano, writer